Yoga is not merely a system of physical exercises but a complete way of life. It helps man to remain healthy in any adverse condition and to retain his mental balance in any difficult situation. These are the essential steps towards life, full of harmony, enjoyable and worth living.

The discipline of Yoga includes various physical practices like ASANAS, MUDRAS, BANDHAS, KRIYAS and PRANAYAMA alongwith the practices of YAMA and NIYAMA i.e. the guidelines for organising and disciplining ones life,through which one enters the field of mind and intellect and with the help of MEDITATIVE practices arrives at the TRUE understanding of ones own nature, which is the REAL goal of YOGA.

The Yogic practices mentioned above are uniquely helpful in the preservation and promotion of HEALTH, both of mind and body,as well as for the prevention of their diseases. They are also useful in the treatment of many ailments like Chronic Cold, Bronchial Asthama, Essential Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus, Anxiety Neurosis. These practices have an equal beneficial effect on the body systems like Respiratory, Cardiovascular, Digestive, Excretory, Endocrine and Central Nervous Systems.

The Benefits

Therapeutic Yoga is the clinical application of the science hatha yoga for various medical injured people with spinal problems, amputees; all could make use of the props and gain benefit of yoga. That yoga was made available to all patients, regardless of their medical problems and their bodily conditions.

Yoga is a practical subject and has everyday to teach it as therapeutic yoga can never core a patient just by reading the theory.


When any other kinds of sports, exercises are out of the system in all humans. In yoga only the blood comes into your entire system rather than going out, so Yoga is best when used as a medicine without any other side effects.

I have studied different systems and have found that there is a lack of anatomical guidelines in the execution of asan and pranayan. In yoga, if you want to treat a patient, you should know the body of patient.


Yoga has a complete message for humanity . It has a message for Human Body . It Has a message for the human mind and It Has also a message for the human Soul.



Morning: 6.00 am onwards
Evening: 4.00 pm onwards

Types of yoga taught-
Hatha yoga ~Ashtanga yoga Backbending ~ Artistic yoga Acroyoga-Pranayama Meditation ~Mudras Bandhas~Kriyas

you can also from drop in classes and pay for one session first trial class of yoga is free.



Bringing your practice to life
Taught By-
Purvee shah (msc Yoga)


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  • Batch Timings : Morning - 06:30 am, 11:00 am | Evening - 04:00 pm, 06:30 pm

    Note : Fees is Rs. 1299

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Contact Person : Purvee Shah

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